Try out the club and see if paddling works for you. No pressure, just friendly faces and helpful hints. Two sessions at the lake will cost you just £7 so why not give it a go. What a great way to put your toe in the water!

If you’ve never paddled before then this gives you a chance to see if you like it without joining up straight away. If you’ve done some paddling it gives us a chance to assess your current skills so we can let you know which of our trips might be right for you.

Please contact Fiona Wright ( to reserve your place.

Once you’ve completed Thameswey Start you’ll need to join up to keep paddling with us. Click here for info on membership.

Click here for an info sheet on this course or download a booking form here

What does it cost?

Adults £10

Children £5

What does it cover?

2 sessions at the Lake, we provide a boat and paddle, an experienced coach and a certificate at the end to prove you’ve done it, You don’t need specific paddle gear at this stage; we’ll provide what you need to get going including a personal flotation device (PFD or buoyancy aid). You must wear this when you’re on or near the water.

Course dates

April 18th and 25th 2012
May 9th and 16th 2012
June 6th and 13th 2012
July 4th and 11th 2012

Contact Fiona Wright (

Here’s what you will need to bring with you.

You’re likely to get wet!

Suitable footwear. Plimsolls, wetsuit boots or beach shoes are recommended.You will not be allowed to take part in trainers or bare feet as neither are safe.A change of clothing and a towel.! A windproof/waterproof layer. We have kagoules available for children and small adults. For others, a basic single layer “kag-in-a-bag” type waterproof is ideal. Please wear this layer even if the evening seems warm. When you are wet you can chill down very quickly.

A note

Paddle gear can be expensive and we would suggest that you resist the urge to buy any kit until you’ve had a chance to try the sport, talk to others and find out what you really want.