Club benefits

Aside from all the great training, the fantastic trip options, the social events and by no means least the lovely people, you also get some other benefits!


If you want to discuss use of Waterland, please contact the club secretary (see Contacts).

As a member of Thameswey you have individual use of Waterland outside of Thameswey Club activities. This is a fantastic benefit and we hope all of you will enjoy it. As an individual Waterland user you will be responsible for your own safety under Waterland’s conditions. Waterland do provide general safety cover for the lake while they are open to the public. However, you must make sure you are familiar with their arrangements and that you are paddling safely, responsibly and within your limitations and ability. If you are not sure, you should take advice from a Thameswey coach.

You must have your membership card with you when you use Waterland outside of club organised events. All you need to do is to sign yourself in to the Thameswey Log at the Waterland reception and display your Thameswey Membership card(s) on your dashboard.

Individual Waterland use includes access to the lake at most times, outside of club or triathlon sessions. You may use the lake at any time after 10am and should be clear by dusk, though in small numbers exceptions can be made. Swimming takes place before 10am and paddlers should stay clear of swimmers who have right of way.

We will keep a stock of boats accessible for you to use if you do not have your own boat. Please let the Equipment Officer (see Contacts) know if you need a particular boat.

You can also bring guests to join you on an infrequent basis for which there is no charge from Waterland. However, if you want guests to use Waterland on a more regular basis, they should pay the standard day ticket rate. Guests must also be signed into the Thameswey Log.

On an infrequent basis, Waterland also allows camping on the shores of the lake. You must give at least 5 days notice in advance, and this is not guaranteed. Groups of 4 or more tents will be treated as group camping which will be allowed in the camping field and incur the normal Waterland group charge.

Out of hours, Waterland is secured by locked gates. You will be given the gate code separately. This will allow you access when Waterland is closed to the general public. The code must not be given to anyone who is not a member of TCC.

When accessing the site, you must not allow anyone else access without checking that they are either a member of TCC or a Waterland member (all Waterland members have a membership card). Guests must not be given the code.

Any contravention of these security rules will result in you losing your individual use privileges and you will only be allowed access for official club sessions.

TCC coaches can coach TCC members and their guests at any time. However, we have agreed with Waterland that we will not organise sessions which may create a commercial conflict of interest. If you are planning an activity which you think may create a conflict, please discuss your plans with the club secretary (see Contacts).

Waterland Staff are very friendly and flexible, if you want to make arrangements for guests, camping or paddling outside of the set time, please just ask beforehand. 

Club discounts

Cotswold outdoor - 15% (not including sale/special offer items)

To use the discount you can either use your membership card in store or present a copy of the letter that was emailed to everyone on the mailing list. The letter contains the full terms and also contains a code which can be used for any online or phone purchase. If you aren't on the mailing list, sign up now!

If you require the letter to be resent to you please contact: Dave Mellor (chairman).

Outdoor Active Canoe & Kayak Store - up to 15% off