The club has a large fleet of boats stored at the lake available for hire to members on the lake or to take on rivetrips. We charge an annual kit hire charge of £25 per person/per year for any equipment needed. The fleet includes various flat water and white water boats, several open canoes and some more specialist craft. Additional equipment including paddles, buoyancy aids, spray-decks and helmets are available for use. In addition, a smaller fleet of boats are kept exclusively for use at pool sessions.

The club also has a large canoe/kayak trailer, although we do strongly encourage people to get roof bars if they intend to come on regular trips. 

We may allow members to store their own boats at the lake in some circumstances. There is a fee and the boat must be locked, tagged and a copy key given to the Equipment Officer in case we need to move the boat.

A hired boat becomes overdue after the next opportunity for it to be returned to Lake 32, or on the next occasion when it may be needed for a club activity. For example if a boat is used for a Sunday river trip in summer, the next opportunity for it to be returned is likely to be the following Wednesday evening. If a boat is used for a Sunday river trip in winter, it may be needed for another trip on the following Sunday. Hirers may be expected to take boats to or collect them from Lake 32 or other members' houses as necessary.