Get comfortable with an Eskimo!

These sessions give everyone a safe, warm environment to practice those important capsize, rescue and rolling skills.

Dates: please check dates on the programme. All on Sundays  – Session is from 13.00 to 14.30, but please arrive at 12.45 to get changed and ready to go.

Cost: Free to members, £5 for non-members and guests. 

All parents should read the [Notes for Parents of Youth Members]

What to Bring - All you need to bring to pool sessions is your membership card, swimming gear and a T-shirt. Buoyancy aids are a good idea if you want to practice rolling. All equipment is supplied, and is included in the session fee. You can use your own boat if you want but it must be super-clean inside and out.

What happens - When arriving at the swimming pool, go upstairs and along the corridor to the “large pool” entrance. Here there will be a Thameswey desk where you pay your session fee and hand in your card. You can then go down to the changing rooms and out to the poolside for 13.00. There is a viewing balcony for guests; parents are encouraged to stay (NB this is a requirement for under 12s). Please do not get on the water until the coach in charge of the session gives you permission. If the session is busy, you may be asked to change over and let someone else have a turn in your boat.

Helping at sessions - All paddlers are asked to help either at the beginning or the end of pool sessions with the getting out or putting away of equipment. Please allow a few minutes at either end of the sessions for this. Your help is appreciated, and means that there is more time available on the water. All the coaches and helpers at the sessions are volunteer club members. Even if you have no qualifications in kayaking or life-guarding, you can still assist as “diligent eyes” or “pool marshal”.

You can download a pool information sheet here

Map and address:                                                                                                                                        Milton Road Health Hydro
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