Probably the most awesome bunch of kids in the world! Thameswey Kids are a really welcoming bunch and play a huge part in leading the club. Your Youth Officer, Tom Howe, is one of a number of Silver Challengers! (see Thameswey club challenge). He is a committee member and represents children and younger people so you have a voice in our club plans and arrangements.

What you think is important to the club, so talk to Tom about any ideas, tell her what’s working or not working for you. (see Contacts)

Someone to talk too

If you have a problem at club or there is something bothering you, you might want to talk to an adult. Our Welfare Team is Nick Cartwright (our Welfare Officer), Siân Smith and Val Grutzmacher (see contacts). We are always willing to listen and will take what you say seriously.


We are happy to take kids out from the age of 7 as long as they can swim, are water confident and feel ready to give paddling a try. We ask parents of under 12s to stay on site during the sessions, in case you are needed.